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Heart no Kuni no Alice - Peter Ball Scene B

Yeah, I just wanted to get Peter out of the way lol I still love you, you germaphobic rabbit.
Not going to lie, I almost rage quit this event between Alice's inner angst and the overall confusion I was experiencing. More errors than usual, folks!



Alice: (tired…)

I`m tired from all the dancing because I`m not used to it. My head feels sort of faint.

Alice: “I want to rest soon.”

Peter: “That’s fine. Are you tired?”

Alice: “I’m not used to high heels…”

Peter: “I see, that would tire you out. Shall we take a break then?”

Alice: “Yes.”

I’m led by the hand through the throng of dancers and off the dance floor.

Alice: “??? That…?”

I live in the castle and even though this is my home…I don’t know where he’s taking me or where I am. I notice that I’m leaving the ballroom completely.

Alice: “Where are we going?”

Peter: “You can’t rest in a place like that. I’ll take you to a proper place to rest.”

Alice: “I think a chair would have been sufficient…”

Peter: “There are germs all over that place. I feel so… so sorry that you’re covered in all that bacteria…”


Alice: “…? Where are we going??”

After we left the ballroom I thought Peter was going to bring me to my room, but instead we are at a different room.

Peter: “My room…will you come in?”

Alice: “Peter’s room?”

Peter: “…Please, come in.”

Alice: “…It does feel like your room.”

It’s actually…a room. The red checkered pattern is starting to hurt my eyes.

Alice: “The decoration is rather simple.”

If someone entered into his room by mistake, they would know immediately.


Alice: “…Hey, Peter, what are you doing?”

Peter: “We’re lovers, so I’m embracing you.”

He brings me to his room on the night of the ball…Isn’t this rather typical for his majesty, the Prime Minister?

Alice: “…I’ll step on your foot if you try anything weird.”

Peter: “I hate it when you grind your heel in. It’s a lethal weapon.”

Alice: “Oh? Is it a hobby of yours? That’s rather strange of you~ Though I can’t say I’m surprised…”

Alice: (…Well, actually, it’s not too far off)

Peter: “Unfortunately. It was painful, so I want to teach you a lesson.”

Alice: “I’m not interested in such things AT ALL.”

Peter: *chuckles* “You’re being disobedient. I won’t hurt you…”

Alice: “Wh-where are you getting this false information…?”

Peter: “Eh~? Because…”


Peter: “Already, it just…”

At all. When I’m with Peter I feel like saying these kinds of things. I say things like ‘kill’ but it doesn’t have the force of a dangerous woman. By all appearances, I’m like a good child.

Alice: “When I’m with you…I hate how honest I become.”

I hate it. I hate it. I still want to be a better child.

Alice: “I hate~~ this part. Like I’m some kind of brat…”

It’s not…what I want. Actually, I’m not good. I’m a horrible child. That is who I am. But, at least I was able to pretend I wasn’t back home. When I came to this world and spent time with Peter, I forgot to pretend.

Peter: “I like that part of you.”

Alice: *surprised*

It shouldn’t be like this. When a person close to you forgives you no matter what... it just corrupts me more.

Alice: (Now, I’m in the middle of corruption…)

I feel like I’m continuing to fall through the hole.

Alice: “…I, Peter…you… I can’t even lie to you.”

Peter: “…I would never tell a lie to you.”

I thought so.  Peter, though he might not say it, I’m not going to deceive myself. Even if it’s not necessarily the truth, he believes it.

I am the liar. Even if I don’t lie…you can’t stop me from lying…

Alice: “…If I don’t tell a lie, it might be painful.”

Peter: “…”


Peter: “Please don’t excite me anymore, Alice. …Do you know why I haven’t invited you to my room yet?”

Alice: “…because it was troublesome?”

I never understand.

Peter: “I was afraid.”

Alice: “…”

Peter: “I was scared. I was scared…of what I would do to you. I wasn’t scared at first, but now I am. I am scared. Scared that you will hate me…”

Alice: “You thought I would hate your room?”

I don’t understand what he’s so afraid of.

Peter: “I was too scared to invite you. I didn’t want you to decline. Am I a coward because I’m a rabbit?”

Alice: “…it’s admirable.”

I say it teasingly, but I know Peter won’t understand the joke. The prime minister of Heart Castle is too scared to invite a girl into his room. I’m scared now.

Peter: “Even now my hands are trembling.”

Alice: “…I didn’t notice.”

I feel the faint trembling of his fingertips and the slightly awkward movement of his hand. I didn’t notice, but I feel like I always felt it. When he touches me, it’s friendly and warm.

Peter: “You’re shaking? Even now…”

Alice: “…”

I notice after he brings it up. It’s like I woke up shivering on a winter morning.

Alice: “…This is rather laughable.”

We’re making each other tremble. Peter agreed and smiled.  

Peter: “Alice…”

He calls my name and his tongue trails my skin lightly… I started to tremble in a different way.


Alice: “…What are you doing?”

Peter: “I’m scared, so I don’t want you to escape.”

Alice: “Bondage isn’t my thing.”

Peter: *laughs* “I thought so. You are normal after all.”

I don’t  like being perceived as normal. The cute, trembling face of the rabbit is gone.

Peter: “I fear you running away the most, Alice.”

Alice: “…I’m afraid of you.”

Peter: “I would imagine…if you’re scared then you’ll run away.”

The anxiety in his eyes have been replaced by a cold calm. The more I look into his red eyes, the more scared I become. It’s hard to believe this man can fear me. The very thought terrifies me even more.

Peter: “There is nothing more frightening.”


Can’t believe I finished this in the midst of midterms. Hooray for procrastination!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧

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Cool Peter's scene! Awesome! Great to hear from you again and can't wait for more!

So good to see another update again! Even though I don't always comment, I really do enjoy reading your translations.

Also, didn't think Peter was bondage... hahaha~

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