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Clover no Kuni no Alice - Blood 11th Event
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You guys should know that the music that was playing in this event could be in a porno.

That is all.


076_3Blood: “I want to hold your heart.”

He places his hand over my chest and my heart starts to race.

Alice: “wh-What?”

Blood: “If you don’t have a heart, you can’t compare me to your ex. …If I took out your heart, would you still have it in your world?”

Alice: “…You can’t rob me of my heart in that sense. I would die.”

Blood: “You’ll die if I rip it out… Even outsiders are not immune to death.”

Alice: “You know?”

Blood: “Yes…But I want to see.”

Blood exposes my chest. His hand slips smoothly in between my clothes. My heart starts beating faster. I fear that he may rip out my heart, along with other feelings.

Blood: “I’ve never seen a heart.”

Alice: “Neither have I. Most people haven’t seen it in person. Unless you’re a medical professional…”

Blood might be talking abstractly. However, it’s hard to figure out what he thinks is decent. He could seriously take out my heart. I’m trying to avoid that with realistic answers.

Blood: “You haven’t seen it… It sounds so nice, I would love to see one.”

He unbuttons my childish clothes. Blood’s hand is still near my chest. He seems to be trying to find the exact location of my heart.

Alice: “…Stop?”

Blood: “What?”

Alice: “You seriously want to take out my heart?”

It’s possible in this frightening world.

Blood: “…I would do no such thing. But, I think I can make your heart mine. If I can, it will be enjoyable for you. You can’t alternate the heart of an outsider. The weak one who can’t be replaced. If I could obtain such a thing…”

Alice: “…You said it yourself, you can’t be a substitute no matter how much you want to.”

The Mafia Boss. A languid, lazy, free man. Is Blood worried about the instability of his own existence too? He hides it. He hides it so well I can’t make a clear distinction.

Blood: “…I want to be. It’s tiresome but… it’s not so bad.”

He speaks in ironic phrases. I wonder if its his habit to mix sarcasm and irony into everything?

Blood: “If you don’t compare me to your ex then I cannot be an effective substitute.”

Alice: (Is he serious? Or just teasing me?)

I don’t know.

He can hide himself so well, but if I tired, he could easily read me. It’s useless.

Alice: “Even you compare me to other women.”

Should be interesting since the women I’m compared to are in the same world.

Blood: “I do not compare you. That is merely your own belief. I don’t  overlap you with someone else. Not with anyone.”

Alice: “You seem to have a lot of female acquaintances.”

I have been working in the mansion. I know it.

Gifts and letters, sent repeatedly. It doesn’t appear that he’s going out with any of them…recently anyway.

Blood: “Are you worried?”

Alice: “I know that you do not like interfering.”

Blood hates interference. If I intervened it would end in failure.

But Blood did not seem uncomfortable. He even looks like he’s in a good mood.

Blood: “Mmmm…You’re not worried…?”

Alice: “…I’m not. You would just hate me.”

Blood: “It seems…you have misunderstood me. I don’t like interference. When something gets in my way, I crush it. Though…it would different if you were involved.”

But do you intend to say it?

Blood: “In your case… it would be rare for you to intervene. I haven’t heard you up until now. Besides your attitude towards life and nagging about your clothes, but that is an essential part of you… Those are the things a jealous wife would say. You’re willingly interfering. I thought you didn’t care?”

Alice: (I’m not interfering.)

Blood misunderstood me. Just because I appear calm, I don’t want him to take it at face value. Can he see I’m trying to hide it?

Alice: “…I don’t like to interfere. But… now I think otherwise. If it involved one of those women…I would.”

When you’re worried, it’s natural to be interested in other people. My imagination isn’t helping either.

Alice: (…God, this is depressing.)

I’m depressed again. I’m not alone, rather I am one of many. But I don’t want to attract attention. I feel like I don’t understand anything. A person alone can’t be a lover. It would be boring having to settle for me.

Alice: (…A dissolute relationship)

Blood and I are not lovers. I’m not sure whether he has any attachment.  He clearly stated his lack of love. He may have kept me close just because I’m an outsider.

Alice: (I’m not a lover…with this person.)

This is a really dissolute relationship. He often has a sweet and romantic atmosphere around him, but he is not my lover.

He’s the worst, he seduces women with no intention of becoming their lover. Yet here I am…

Alice: (…are prostitutes considered lovers?)

It doesn’t seem to apply love sacredly.

Alice: (…ah, I thought I could be like a child who could be accepting.)

Actually, I am accepting.  

Alice: (…)

Blood: “I am affected by women…It’s troublesome to get along with a multiple women at the same time. But if I have the time to spare…”

Alice: “…disgusting.”

Blood: “I’m talking about spare time that I don’t have.”

Alice: “…”

It’s hard to believe after seeing all the presents and letters he receives.

Alice: (Or they could be distanced associates. Even if there was a falling out, there’s a chance to renew it…after acknowledging each other…? I guess it’s an adult relationship.)

I don’t understand. If you broke up with someone there isn’t any grey area. I went out with him once, but there was a sense of sincerity.

…I’m sure of it, but I was like a sincere child. I’m different now. I have seen the light.

Blood: “You’ve robbed me of my clock just now, young lady.”

Alice: “…now?”

Alice: (Now)

Now I can easily be recognized as a child because I have accepted how we get along.

Blood: “It’s the most important thing in this world. The clock… It is important, so it has to be impossible in your world. Our worlds hold different values.”

Alice: “…”

Blood: “…this pure feeling.”

Alice: (Pure…?)

Alice: “You?”

Can you even mention the two together?

Blood: “Yes, I want a pure relationship with you.”

Alice: “…”

Pure relationship. Blood and I having a pure relationship seems a bit off. We have more of a love affair than anything.

Alice: (Is this a change of heart? I wonder if he’s just doing this on a whim.)

Alice: “Then, we do nothing…?”

Blood: “No… Of course I intend to do it.”

Alice: “…Isn’t that contradictory?”

First he says he wants a pure relationship then he openly declares his impure intentions. How is he not contradicting himself?

Blood: “There’s no contradiction. I want a pure relationship. I will conquer every last bit of your purity in our relationship.”

Alice: “…mm”

My answer was not necessary. It was a deep, deep kiss. It infringes upon everything; nothing could interfere in this moment.

Everything disappeared. Blood was the only thing I could see.

Blood: “My feelings are pure; I want to subdue you, Alice.”


After realizing that I only did a whopping two meta-translations last year, I’ve decided to up my game this year. I’ll try and do one every month, but no guarantees.

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Without translation I thought that Blood just want to see Alice half-naked (perhaps that was his true intention, instead of talking about heart) >.> Thanks for the translation!

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