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Joker no Kuni no Alice - Blood 11th Event
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Kaho_yukimura did a summary of Blood’s route in Joker, so I used it as a sort of reference for this event.

Blood’s 11th Event

Child: “Thank you! Onee-chan! Onii-chan!”

Alice: “Be careful, it’s cold out.”

The child waves her hand, her cheeks red from the cold and with a big smile on her face.

Alice: “Cute…”

Blood: “Children seem to like you. No wonder you get along so well with the gatekeepers…”

Alice: “It’s not that surprising.”

Blood: “I’m glad. You can always make dreams come true…”

Alice: “Wh… what are you talking about?!”

Blood: “Aren’t stories of dreams suitable for Christmas?”

Alice: “There are neither dreams nor hope.”

I scowl at him. It didn’t take much effort since it’s winter and I hate doing these kind of things. Today is Christmas. The town around Clover Tower is dyed with snow and decorations. Christmas is in the air.

It’s the same as Halloween, I don’t know how long Christmas will last.

Alice: (Nightmares probably acting like a child right now.)

Christmas is everywhere in the town (and will end up staying for a while), it’s a fantastic project. If you walk into town, you’re sure to be cheered up instantly.

We don’t go to church very often, so I contribute most of the money from my coat pocket.

Alice: “This was unexpected. I would’ve thought you hated this.”

He isn’t greedy, but I felt like laughing when he donated his money. It seemed so hypocritical. I’m not the only one donating small change.

Blood: “I’m enjoying the Christmas spirit. There’s no need to be formal for events like this…Besides, business owners often donate. You didn’t know?”

Alice: “Really?”

Blood: “Yes, its because we’re in different territory. In the event of an emergency, you need to take shelter.  Not only in houses, but in churches as well. …It’s a convenient place where information is leaked. It’s worthy to invest.”

Alice: “There really are no dreams or hope…”

Blood: “Is that so? There is no colour in gold. Regardless of the intention, money is money.”

Alice: “Seems unlikely in a place where god redeems so easily.”

Blood: “So we’ll be saved by those making profits from us. Even without charity, there is equality.”

Christmas. The road to church.

Alice: (This should actually be a solemn moment…)

The road is covered in snow. The choir can be heard from the front of the church.

Alice: “I can’t assert quibbling.”

Blood: “Oh. That is unusual. Are you siding with me, young lady?”

Alice: “I’m not thinking like that.”

Blood: “I’m admitting I am sinful. Are you thinking of how the mafia has stained your soul?”

Alice: “Don’t mock me. Did I mention anything about myself atoning to god? However…I think god can’t save you if you don’t suffer.”

Blood: “…I see. There are too many sinners in the hands of god. A busy person is certain to borrow the hands of neighbours. Even if they are evil… Let me lend you a hand, young lady.”

Alice: “…Thanks. Evil-san.”

I laughed as I took the gentle hand of the evil person. I’m not used to snow covered roads. I seem to be slipping. Even if Evil-san is preventing me from slipping, he is still only the boss of an imminent mafia.

Alice: *smiles*

The town is dotted with decorated trees. The colours are illuminated and it seems to be like a dreamland.

Alice: (…And it’s a White Christmas)

The wind picks up the snow and it flutters to the ground.

It’s a perfect Christmas.

Alice: (A perfect Christmas for couples.)

Though there are many families inside the church, there are many couples too.

Everyone is enjoying Christmas. I went to church with my family many times for Christmas. I look at the pairs of lovers with envy; do I really want to be part of that?

Alice: (This person… he is not my lover…)

The boss of the mafia escorts my hand. My boss and friend named Blood Dupre. Hoping for it doesn’t clarify anything. It feels helpless. I want to avoid love, but I’m not sure if I have it.

Alice: (This is like…being lovers.)

We go to the church and spend Christmas together. It’s not intense, but rather quiet.

Alice: (But…we’re not lovers…)

Nightmare: “Who’s not whose lover?”

Blood: “!?”

Alice: “!!! Nightmare?!”

My heart jumped when he interrupted my train of thought.

Alice: “Don’t sneak up like that. I don’t like surprises…”

Nightmare: *chuckles* “Don’t be so mean. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, have we Alice?”

Alice: “…That’s true. That reminds me…you don’t typically go out aside from dreams. And even then isn’t it to escape Gray and work?”

Nightmare: *laughs* “You’re sharp as ever.”

Alice : (In other words, you proved me right…)

I don’t dare say it out loud.  

Nightmare: “But, surprisingly, you’re here too…  Surprise, surprise, you’re here with... the Mad Hatter?”

Blood: “…That’s quite uncouth, caterpillar.”

Nightmare: “…Hey Hatter. You are…you’re in the wrong season. Your head is in spring.”

Blood: “…”

Nightmare: “Guh… Please try to conceal it; I’m trying not to read your thoughts.”

Blood: “Hmph… leave quickly. You’re a nuisance.”

Nightmare: “I, I’m the lord here…! I should have more respect…”

Blood: “…”

Nightmare: “…Ughhh. Why don’t you get scared without subordinates?”

Blood: “…I know. You have no force without your subordinates.”

Nightmare: *sob* “Gray…”

Alice: “…Yeah. Why are you here without Gray?”

Nightmare: “Huh? Me? Well I’m, in a word, kind of… *clears throat* As the lord of this territory, I wanted to check on preparations for an upcoming event and make sure it was going smoothly with my own eyes.”

Alice: “Ah, I see…. So why isn’t Gray with you?”

Nightmare: “Uh. W- well, that’s because, I’m doing a surprise check!”

Alice: “Is that so…”

Alice: (LIAR…)

Nightmare: “Eagh…”

Blood: “You should leave soon, your lordship.”

Blood pulls me forcibly by the hand.

Alice: (So we continue to be connected…)

Alice: “…Eh!!!?”

To do this in public… Moreover, it makes me nervous to do this in front of my friends, like Nightmare. Blood closes the distance between us at the same time. He draws his arm around me and rests it on my shoulder.

Nightmare: “Good grief. You’re poisoning bachelorhood.”

Alice: “Huh!”

Nightmare: “…Well I guess it’s good. Turkey and presents under the tree await me back at the tower!”

I don’t know whether it was intentional (or perhaps it was the origin), but he asserted poison rather proudly.

Alice: “Who gave you presents?”

Blood: “He ordered his employees to put presents under the tree for him. Shameful...”

Nightmare: “Th-th-th-th-th-those kinds of things…”

Alice: (…It’s understandable.)

Nightmare: “…Ah. The presents are delayed, Alice. I got a pair of gloves earlier and I plan to use them as much as I can.”

Alice: (Moreover, it’s shameless…)

But, it keeps children warm in the winter.

Alice: “…Right? Then…”

Blood: “We don’t have anything to give to you, caterpillar.”

Alice: “…Don’t speak for me, Blood. I…”

Blood: “My territory is autumn. The events of our territories can’t be connected. He is not allowed to participate in our territory…unless you insist, Alice.”

Nightmare: “…Narrow-minded Hatter.”

Alice: “It doesn’t matter anyway…It’s nothing nice in particular. Even though we generally take part in other events…”

Nightmare: “…Isn’t it so~? Is the wife escaping from her restraining husband?”

Alice: (Husband…? Wife….)

Nightmare: “Is this the mood where you have to bring your wife back to her parent’s house? Won’t it be difficult to take her back since her parents live so far?”

Blood: “Shut up. Your understanding of married couple certainly reflects the absence of your partner.”

Alice: (Ma…?)

Alice: “Married couple…”

Blood: “I am still unwed.”

Nightmare: “…Oh. Then it differs from being lovers?”

Alice: (Lo-Lovers…!!)

Blood: “Not YET.”*

I try to deny it, but Blood is controlling the conversation.

Blood: “…Don’t make a move on my lover. Aren’t we still in a church?”

Nightmare: “Ah…the church does have special meaning for the mafia after all…coming in without an subordinate…”

Blood: “Seems to be mutual. You shouldn’t talk….Anyway, this is still a church so don’t make advances on my lover. It’s insulting.”

Alice: (…I feel like the insulted one.)

Blood seems to be treating me like a lover. We’re here together in a church on Christmas.

Alice: (Not lovers…Or are we?)

This is the lord and boss of the Hatter family. The people who are coming into the church are giving us heavy looks. I even overhear some of the conversation.

Alice: (Very much like lovers…)

I feel very insulted.

Nightmare: “…Hm? You misunderstand, Alice.”

Alice: “Eh…”

Nightmare: “Those at the top of the mafia, in accordance with the organization’s rules, often cannot formally marry. Of course, those at the top tend to cast a bigger shadow… To be taken to church is an honour of the common-law wife. Playthings aren’t taken to church. The church is a symbol of local mafia power and those who are against the family aren’t permitted…”

Blood: “…What chatter. Did you study Mafia history?”

Nightmare: “No, I’m studying the church….Gray told me to study for Christmas…But it was miserable so I ran away… Ah well, see you! Merry Christmas!”

Similar to when he appeared, Nightmare suddenly left.

Blood: “…That guy, he seems to be more frightened of Mafia subordinates than the actual boss.”

Alice: “…It looks that way.”

Alice: “…”

Blood: “…”

Alice: “…Hey.”

Blood: “…Hm?”

Alice: “…”

Blood: “…What?”

Alice: “…….Is it really like that?

Blood: “……”

Blood doesn’t answer. I avoid making a direct reference, rather I refer to it vaguely. The flame of the candle slowly flickers. I hear a hymn and it seems to shake the cold air. My body feels like its tightening. Perhaps the sacredness of the church to the mafia was just a story.

Alice: (Lovers, or…)

But I don’t think the meaning was worse than before.

Blood: “…Taking someone to a church in another person’s territory has no significant meaning.”

Alice: “…I see.”

Blood: “…Next time, I’ll take you to the church in our territory.”

Alice: *surprised and blushing* “…!”

Blood: “There’s no events that requires a church in autumn but…should we see if my church has better hymns?”

Alice: *still blushing* “…Then, we can listen to hymns.”

Blood: “Ah.”

The flame of the candle slowly flickers. His eyes light up and shine like the colours of the Aurora, flickering across the sky.  


*This is rather confusing for me. Blood says [まだ、な] which I found translated to “not yet” (the な at the end is a sort of masculine form that puts emphasis on the subject) but it contradicts Blood’s next sentence when he calls Alice his lover. If anybody can either confirm or correct my translation that would be super!

Also, I think Nightmare’s book on churches is a lie. Whenever I watch those underground mafia biographies on the History channel, it seems that all the European mobsters have wives and kids.

This event was an attempt to get me into the Christmas spirit, it failed, but I hope it did something for you guys! It just made me realize how time I spent on not studying for finals >_>

Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas everybody!

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Finals. OTL

I thought this was REALLY interesting from a world-building perspective. I love when we get little glimpses of the world itself. So apparently there is a deity or belief in a deity in Wonderland...that's interesting. >

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