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Heart no Kuni no Alice - Blood END
alice madness returns
As a dutiful student, I always list my sources! I quoted kahoyukimura in some of Blood’s speech. So if you’re reading this kahoyukimura, thank you for quoting the characters on mangafox XD

This is probably the most I have abused the exclamation mark.
Blood’s Ending

…Even though I try and move my feet…I can’t move

Alice: “Wh…?! What is that?!”

Blood: “…Don’t go.”
The ally of justice, Blood Dupre, has appeared. Funny how I don’t remember calling him.
Alice: “You have to let me go! I have to go home!! Now let go of me!”
I have to raise my voice over the wind.
Blood:  “I told you not to go! Come back home!!!”
Alice: “Don’t be stupid! I want to return!!”
Blood: “That’s a lie!”
Alice: “It’s the truth!”
Our argument is going nowhere, I struggle to pull away. Blood doesn’t loosen his grip and he doesn’t release me. It’s difficult to break free of him.
Blood: “If you stay here, I… As a man, I will be responsible for the rest of your life, and I don’t want to play around.”
Alice: “I’m going!”
The sound of the wind grows stronger. I’m practically yelling now. He’s a patronizing man. I can’t ask how he got here.
Blood: “You say that, but you’re just putting your foot in your own grave!”
Alice: “…? Eh? Wh, what…”
Blood: “…Be my wife, Alice.”
I hear his voice so clearly over the sound of wind.
Alice: “Ehhh…?!”
Blood: “I proposed to you! Didn’t you hear me?!”
Alice: “Ehhhhh…?!”
Blood: “Don’t make me repeat myself! Marry me!”
I don’t understand why he’s so angry. What kind of proposal is that? I mean, yeah he has to shout above the wind, but still, he doesn’t seem the proposing type. He’s irritated and there’s this overwhelming feeling that he wants to kill something.
Alice: (…Is he shy? Is this embarrassing for him? Or maybe not…)
Blood:  “Your answer?!”
Alice: *blushing* “Of course… …I WOULD HATE TO BE THE WIFE OF A MAFIA BOSS!”
I yell so I won’t lose the argument.  The wife of the Mafia…Just as mad as the wife of the mafia boss. I want to avoid falling in love in such a situation. It may be a graveyard for a man, but it’s a graveyard for me.
Blood: “…I thought you would say that…and become it. Are you refusing?”
Alice: “Is that your proposal?! Of course I refuse!”
Blood: “I’m not proposing! I’m declaring you as my wife!”
Alice: “Up until a while ago you were asking me!”
Blood: “It was a polite fiction!”
This is the first time I’ve seen Blood so energetic. He seems so serious, yet he’s shouting like a little girl throwing a tantrum.
Alice: “I’m returning! Let me go!!!”
Blood: “If I release you, you’ll return! I can’t bear it if you go back!”
Maybe it’s the air, but the wind feel like is dying down.
Blood: “I want you as my wife!”
Alice: “Then you shouldn’t have come!”
Blood: “You’re not going! You’re so troublesome!”
Alice: “And you’re arrogant!”
I glare at him and strong gaze is returned.
Blood: “…I can’t let you go to a place where I can’t protect and support you. Why do you think I want to marry you? You’re not playing with fire. Do you want us to foolishly marry in your world where I can’t guarantee your security?”
Alice: “…”
Blood’s the fool for saying ‘I’ll go to your world'.

Even though there’s a gender equality, the man is responsible for a woman just as she is responsible for taking care of his property. I know what I’m jumping into back home. This kindness is worthless. I have a safe roof over my head back home.
This man is telling me he can make me happy back home. Is he crazy or incredibly stupid? I don’t even think he knows about the issue of citizenship in my world. 
Still, it doesn’t matter how much luck you have, no idiot would jump into a completely different world.
It’s madly in crazy rather than madly in love.
Anyway, if there’s only one aspect of it, there’s a choice between your own happiness and security and the choice of your partner. I’m worried because I’m right. Blood is crazy, but he’s not stupid. I know my responsibility.
He supports an entire organization. While he makes it sound so tiresome, he has a large responsibility to fulfill. 
Alice: “…Even I’m responsible.”
If you know about responsibility, I want you to understand mine. I must return. Having been responsible for leaving, I have to go back.
Blood: *sarcasm alert* “You know about responsibility now? I take responsibility because you don’t have anything to be responsible for.”
Alice: “What kind of reason is that?! Are you suggesting I’m not responsible for returning to my own world?!”
Blood: “Responsibility is the only reason you want to return?! You have no feelings about going back!”
Alice: “So what’s your reason from detaining me from my responsibility? Is it not the same thing?!”
Blood: “It’s different…! I…, I want to be with you, Alice.”
Alice: *surprised by his response* “There are many women in this world. You don’t need me. I have family back home…I have to go.”
I have to go back.
Blood: “They’re useless, I need you. There is no person in this world, or your former one, who needs you more than I do.”
I must return.
Blood: “So, you should remain here.”
I misinterpretating the sound of my heart. The wind was weak, but has now burst into stronger gales.
Alice: “Wh?! Ah….?!”
Right out of a novel, the vial is pulled from my hands. It dances in the wind out of my grasp.
Alice: “Wh-Why?!”
That timing can’t just happen. Unless you’re standing on the border between reality and dreams. In other words, it’s where I’m standing now.
Blood: “…Don’t go.”
I was going to run after the vial, but Blood doesn’t loosen his grip. It doesn’t look like his hands are going to conveniently slip. While he grips my wrists the wind stops and the darkness clears.
The wind has ceased and consumed the vial. It can only mean one thing…I’m no longer able to return.
Alice: “L-lie…”
I’m stunned.
Blood: “…Give up and marry me, Alice.”
I want to murder him for saying it so triumphantly.
Blood: “Why are you so stubborn?! Will you cooperate already?! You can’t go home anymore! Be my wife!”
Alice: “Wouldn’t I be home right now if it wasn’t for you?! And just because I can’t go back doesn’t mean I’m marrying you!”
Blood: “Do you hate it that much?! Fine. I will drag you to the alter and force you to take the oath! I will wrench your mouth open and shove my fingers down your throat. Then you’ll see how unreasonable your resistance is.”
Alice: “What a gentleman! Aren’t weddings supposed to be sacred? That sounds like a ceremony in hell.”
Blood: “I’m the boss of the mafia and in love, I don’t give up! Just be quiet and wear a wedding dress for me. And if you don’t want your wedding dress stripped off in front of all the guests you’ll vow to be my wife.”
What kind of fucked up proposal was that?
Alice: “I HATE IT! If I marry you…”
Blood seems to be angry, but it feels like we’re going in reverse.
…He’s not even proposing anymore.
Both of us are angry. This wedding ceremony sounds more like a funeral.
Alice: “You can’t marry me if I’m dead…And I’ll never consent if you force my mouth open!”
Blood: “I’ll do anything to make you my wife…Am I not the mafia? If you don’t accept I have to take.”
Alice: “I would want to leave such a place immediately… Right now at once! I don’t want to marry you! We’ve been single for a long time…!”
Blood: “I’m not letting you go anywhere…anymore! I’ll prepare for the ceremony immediately. Either tomorrow or the day after…You are my wife!”
The biting is shifting. We’re not listening to each other. We’re only yelling our feelings.
Alice: “Furthermore, I don’t need to live in a splendid mansion. I prefer something more modest…”
Blood: “This is rather sudden, since you haven’t complained about it before and there’s not much I can do about the luxurious lifest—”

I don’t want to bite. I have no mind to listen anymore. He says want he wants to say and Blood continues to embrace me.
There is no ‘going easy on me’. He embraces me so tightly I start to feel pain. It threatens to kill the mood.
Alice: “…ngh…”
His expression was so tepid when he bit me I thought he wanted to seriously kill me.
Alice: “Ha…”
My heart seems to stop. I’m kissing death itself. He may have threatened to kill me with words, but what comes out in force is worse many times over. I didn’t think I was that important.
In selfishness, I cared more about my situation than your feelings.
Alice: “I seem to be dying…”
Blood: “You won’t die before the ceremony.”
Alice: “Though…you should be more exhausted than me.”
Although I curse him, Blood seems to be interesting.
Alice: “…I’m not fit for a wife.”
Blood: “That’s not the case. You’re perfect for my wife, Alice.”

Time seemed to move unusually normal today. Blood might have had something to do with it. He’s currently denying it.
Even now…

Elliot: “Congratulations, Alice.”
Alice: “…Thank you, Elliot.”
Dee: *groan* “Onee-sans a married woman now…”
Dum: “Lonely…Even my pockets were lonely during the ceremony...”
Dee: “Ah, but, married women are nice…It’s like dirty feelings…”
Dum: “You’re nice, Onee-san.”
Alice: “Th-thanks…”
I’m scared of how they’ll celebrate.
Elliot: “From now on, you can’t call her Onee-san. You’ll have to call her Anee-san.”
*Note: Anee-san means older sister
I feel dizzy from Elliot’s words. He’ll certainly be celebrating. I’ll be expected to celebrate, but I really don’t want to.
Dee: “What? We can’t call her Onee-san anymore?”
Dum: “It’s not good if we can’t call her Onee-san. We need to find something similar to call her.”
Elliot: “Call her Anee-san. Anee-san, Anee-san!”
Dee: “Onee-san.”
Dum: “Onee-san.”
Elliot: “Anee-san!”
Dee: “How is it any different?”
Dum: “Isn’t it the same?”
Elliot: “What’s the difference?! She’s the female head of the organization now! You have to understand the nuance!”
Alice: “You don’t have to worry about such things…”
My head feels like it's about explode. Ever since I got out of bed today, I have had a raging headache. The reason is obvious. It’s because of this situation…and lack of sleep because of it.
Alice: (This is all Blood’s fault…)
Alice: “I wouldn’t even answer to Anee-san…”

Dee: “See, even Onee-san agrees with us!”
Dum: “Onee-san is a good Onee-san! The chicken rabbit has been watching too many mafia dramas!”
Elliot: “But you married to Blood! You’re the boss’ wife, don’t you need a title to distinguish your position?! Onee-san isn’t formal enough.”
Alice: (Is it necessary…? After all, is it absolutely necessary?)
Dee: “That doesn’t even match Onee-san!”
Dum: “You would be alone in calling her that!”
Though I’m saved by the twins, what Elliot said isn’t wrong.
Alice: (Female mafia boss…)
Alice: “…Hey, Is there a reason that no one’s asking about why I don’t match?”

Elliot: “Huh? Aren’t you matching now?”
Dee: “You’re wedding dress is beautiful.”
Dum: “It looks good, it looks good.”
Dee: “…Has a real Lolita feel to it.”
Elliot: “Id-idiot! Don’t go against the boss’ hobbies.”
Dum: “That’s right, do you want out salaries cut?!”
Elliot: “Don’t you know that a subordinate meddling in the hobbies of the boss goes against the Code of Iron?! Even if you think about xxxxx for a moment, don’t you dare say anything about it!”
Dee: “…Just saying.”
Alice: “…Ha. Haha… Well…I have to agree…”
Elliot: *laughs*
Dee: *laughs*
Dum: *laughs*
Alice: *laughs then sighs*
I think I missed my footing in life. This was nowhere in my plan. Like my sister, I was planning to become an independent working woman. At least I made an effort. This world is different, but being a mafia bride was also completely unplanned. I thought I might get married someday, but I hadn’t planned on an early marriage. Marriage was completely irrelevant, especially marrying the boss of the mafia.
Glaring at my situation just makes my headache worse.
Alice: (This…isn’t a dream.)
This would be such a wonderful dream. I pinch my cheeks, but I’m wide awake and my eyes start to water from the pain. Well it was pointless to try it now. If I was able to understand this was a dream earlier I could have woken up sooner.

Blood: “Why are you in such a place, my wife?”
My husband in this dream world draws my waist closer to him. If I wake up I would be further away from this man. That’s how it would probably be anyway.
Blood: “A new wife shouldn’t leave the side of her husband.”
Alice: “…”
Blood: “Tss!”
I stopped on his foot with my heel.
Alice: “…this is a wish come true, I’ve achieved my heart’s one true desire”
I always wanted to trample with to death with high heels.
Blood: “I have no hard interests…”
Blood: “Ngh…”
Alice: “I also wanted to thank you for my stilettos.”
Elliot: “Is the love between a xxxxx husband and his xxxxx favourite wife? They make such a great couple…”
Dee: “As expected from the boss…”
Dum: “…Children don’t know how deep the world is.”
Dee: “Sly…”
Dum: “It is sly…”
Blood: *chuckles* “You’re still children, you don’t need to fully understand.”
Blood ridicules rather seriously, but his smile suggest otherwise.
Dee: “I don’t care about becoming an adult…”
Dum: “He’s hogging Onee-san…”
Blood: “She’s my wife, it’s natural if I hog her. It’s the world of married couples that becomes a happy abyss. I’m even teaching you in the process.”
Dee: “Abyss…”
Dum: “It’s deep…”
Blood: *chuckles*
I didn’t want to rush into the deep married abyss, but no one seems to care.
Blood: “Alice…”
He pulls his face closer and brings his lips close to my ear, making a stance. The groom is guarding his bride. This man will never have peace of mind.
Alice: “…What.”
Blood: “When I saw you walking down the aisle, I almost burst out laughing.”
Alice: “I had the same thing. You look hilarious in that groom outfit for a prince.”
Actually, he looks so well dressed it’s hard not to laugh. While he may look like a prince, his personality is a complete fraud of such a noble character.
Alice: “…When that kiss lasted for several minutes I thought my head was going to implode.”
Blood: “It was a private ceremony. You can speak fondly of me.”
Alice: “Because it was a private ceremony, it meant that everyone close saw it!”
Blood: “It just turned out that way because it was spent on money rather than time.”
Alice: “You couldn’t invest your money into something worthwhile?!”
A disjointed, luxurious mess. It was so sudden the organizers and the guests were extremely confused. Elliot and the twins didn’t have proper suits, so they had to make do with the clothes they had.
The large spending highlights the lack of preparation. Holding a ceremony with only a few days for preparation is practically impossible.
Blood: “But I spent it instead on luxury…How was the ceremony? Did you like it?”
Alice: “…It was the worst.”
The wedding was memorable. It’s hard to forget a ceremony on such a grand scale. And it was embarrassingly funny. No one was ready for it at all. The groom was weary and the bride was sleep deprived. I almost fell asleep standing.
Blood: “That’s good. It was an unforgettable ceremony.”
Blood seems satisfied by my reply.
Elliot: “At any rate, congratulations.”
Dee: “Sly…”
Dum: “Very sly…”

Blood: “You look sleepy. Are you tired?”
Alice: “…I’ve been tired before the ceremony began. Only the worst husband doesn’t allow his bride to rest, even on the day before the wedding.”
Blood: “I’ll become a good husband.”
Alice: “I doubt you will.”
Blood: “I won’t have an affair and I make quite a bit of money.”
Alice: “That’s obvious. You have enough room to cheat on me, you can’t be human…It’s also obvious that someone with your job would make a lot of money.”
Blood: “You’re being cruel.”
Alice: “I’m stating the obvious!”
The ceremony wasn’t the only thing that lacked preparation. I was unable to prepare my feelings.
Alice: “I wonder why you did marry…”
Everything has to end. I don’t listen to him and I have no money or power.
Blood: “Didn’t you get away from such a terrible ceremony? Aren’t I a faithful husband? When you marry someone, you want to praise that person.”
Alice: “You made that ceremony troublesome…”
It was a long ceremony, gorgeous and luxurious and completely a testament to money. It was very long. Blood and the guests were all from the same boat, half of them were rowing. Elliot wrote a speech (though I don’t think it was rehearsed until today) and the twins were playing dangerously.
Blood: “The preparations were not enough. We can have another ceremony if you wish.”
Alice: “It’s fine. One ceremony is enough for one lifetime.”
Wedding guests watch the bride too closely… I was the sleepiest person there.
Blood: “Once in a lifetime? …”
Alice: “Don’t grin like that. It’s creepy.”
Blood: “I’m savouring this happiness of newlyweds…I am once in this life too. It’s troublesome, I’m sorry.”

Blood parts my hair and presses his soft lips on mine.
Alice: “…The kiss of the oath.”
This feels like the kiss that should be exchanged at weddings. All those lovely things were enough until this kiss from Blood.
Blood: “Do you swear?”
Alice: “…I don’t swear.”
Blood: “You said the right answer earlier.”
Alice: “You’re confused.”
When given the oath, Blood had answered for me. The guests were tired, Elliot was busy writing his speech, the twins were ‘playing’. The priest was too afraid to say anything.
The ceremony ended without a hitch.
Alice: “No one on my side was there… I didn’t see any children there or anyone in debt…we’re quite similar.”
The priest gave me eyes of sympathy rather than a blessing.
Blood: “You’re a happy bride, Alice. Attendance does not require an invitation. All the people who were at the ceremony are your family.”
Alice: “…Ah, but wasn’t everyone staff?”
Blood: “My subordinates are your subordinates.”
Alice: “…I remember everyone had a gun.”
Alice: (…I want a divorce)

‘I remember’ that I’ve become stained like them.
Blood: “They become scared without guns. It’s a part of the human condition.”
This man, who I repeatedly French kiss, is fully responsible.
Once again…I want to trample him. If this kiss wasn’t so enjoyable I would do it in a heartbeat. Too bad for enjoyment. This is all Blood’s fault.
Blood: “This is your fault.”
It’s like he read my mind. I can only blink to compensate for my lack of words.
Blood: “…It doesn’t seem that a honeymoon will be possible.”
Alice: “The mafia is poor.”
Blood: “…You misunderstand my occupation. It takes time to prove I’m a good provider.”
Alice: “Do not want. Do not want.”

I was shown enough today. It was pure sarcasm, the mafia is far from being impoverished. Seeing that ceremony would be like saying the imperial family is impoverished. The glamour of the ceremony could not be controlled.
Blood: “Honeymoons are classic, but tourism is quite boring. I want to do something much more fun.”
Alice: “…Like continue our eroded life? …Won’t you become tired of it?”
I’ve said these words before. But I say it with more heart this time. Won’t you tire of me?
Blood: “I’ll never grow bored.”
Blood responds in a languid tone as before. It was the same, but it sounded a little different.
…Maybe it was my imagination.
Blood: “You are completely troublesome for me. More troublesome than any other trouble.”
Alice: “You are annoying for me. More annoying than any other man I’ve known.”
I ignore the opinions of people and I still end up getting married. My thoughts of worries in my former world are interrupted by thoughts of this lazy life.
Alice: “When I’m with you, I think you ruin me.”
Blood: “Aren’t you nice? You should do what you want. You over think things too much.”
For such light words, I see the truth. Regardless of the responsibility, did I really try to return?
Blood: “By the way, I want to have it now. Say, My bride. Will you listen to the selfishness of the groom on the day of my wedding?”
Alice: “…Always.”
Always. Always.
I lose after the first move.
It looks like I’ll be associating with trouble more often.


Best proposal ever. Though it was more of a demand of marriage, but you can only expect so much from a mafia boss. This also makes me want to go over everybodys endings again to see who threatens to kill Alice if she leaves. I know Boris points a gun to her head and it was a lot more angst than this. Alice doesn't even seem to take his threats seriously.

It's not mentioned in this ending, but in the Hatter family ending you find out more about Alice's vial and that Blood actually knows a lot about the vial too. If Alice really did want to go back home, the vial would have never been picked up by the wind and I think that just confirmed Blood's suspicions that she was just being stubborn about the proposal. In a different Blood ending, she even admits to him that she never wanted to go home and hoped he would stop her.

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Hahaha! What a proposal!
Thank you so much for this translation! That was funny as hell XD
I can't stop laughing at how Blood "proposed" to Alice. When I played I didn't understand half (and even more) of what they were saying so I didn't enjoy it as much as this translation.
Keep up the good work!

Lol yeah, I don't think Blood got the whole "proposal" part of the proposal, but as a mafia boss, he probably doesn't ask people to do something. He just says 'do it' and expects it to get done. Just made the whole proposal better XD

Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! You got it up! I already knew what was going to happen though because I've been to vissysparaside's page and she uploads and translates the game onto youtube (but you have to be her friend first or else you can't watch them!) and she's already done all of blood's event, but it still was soo awesome that you got it here! Keep uploading you wonderful gal you, and have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too! :D

Goddamn, Blood's a total ass but Alice sure is being bitchy X100 right back at him. It makes their relationship interesting, but I'm not even sure if they actually love each other. Ah well, that's what I like. Definitely a not a typical otome ending. Alice is a bitch...Blood's an ass.... I did like the image of Elliot writing out his speech. I can just imagine it. XD Probably full of OH SO MANY unintentionally homoerotic phrases to describe Blood.

That's probably why I love this ending so much. Quinrose took a cliche romantic ending and used it to question their feelings for each other. I read it that there is some sort of love starting to form between them. Blood was the only guy to step up and marry Alice, and if he didn't really care for her, he could have easily just tossed her like a used hooker. I think he gets off on their "Bitch and Ass" routine. Alice is probably the only one to tell him no and argue with him and it seems like he enjoys it; probably stems from that whole "see how im not your ex!" thing.
As for Alice, I think she would be kicking and screaming more if she really didn't want to go through with it. She doesn't seem distressed enough for this to a full out shotgun wedding. She just kind of complains at lack of sleeping and how hasty the ceremony was put together.
That's just my reading of it XD You could easily call BS though. I just wished they showed the actual ceremony and Elliot's speech. You know he was choking back tears the whole time.

Thanks for translating this! So funny... Although this makes me wonder whether they actually love each other, or if Alice is just going along with it because she really can't do anything else. They might grow into it, though... And that proposal. So great. “I’LL KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T MARRY ME!”

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