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Heart no Kuni no Alice - Gowland 19th Event
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Boris seemed to be in this event more than Gowland, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Gowland's 19th Event

Boris: “De…?”

Gowland: *laughs* “Yeah, just like that.”

Alice: “…”

Boris: “Is it true, Alice?”

Alice: *smiling and blushing* “...It’s true. Actually…”

Boris: “This seems different from last time… You don’t have to explain. I can barely stomach this atmosphere…. Did this guy really stand a chance outside of the rumours? Looks that way…”

Boris looks to be completely amazed. It’s only natural with us being this close in front of him. It’s kind of embarrassing. But, I understand that the rivalry between Gowland and Boris can’t be stopped. The rejected one is the naïve through the end.

Gowland: “Boris, are you meddling?”

Alice: “He’s not meddling.”

I answer for Boris. While the rivalry between Gowland and Boris might be healthy on some level, I don’t want Boris to be falsely accused. It’s awfully embarrassing.

Alice: “There’s no point in being annoying.”

Gowland: “It’s because that guy is following you.”

Alice: “Already…What are you saying?”

Boris: “……Alice.”

Alice: “Hm?”

Boris: “…The old man hasn’t change, and you won’t be able to change him.”

Alice: “Eh? What do you mean?”

Boris: “…He’s become an idiot.”

Gowland: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Boris: “It’s you. You were always stupid.”

Gowland: “HEY.”

Alice: “……ugh”

There was a self-awareness I was picking up on.

Boris: “…Told you.”

Alice: “Don’t say it…There is awareness…But there is an awareness…”

Boris: “…So you’re aware of it, but you’re not stopping it? Wow, that’s too much. It’s not nice. I guess even an idiot can win in love. Even I’m starting to question love now.”

Alice: “Boris is in love too?”

Boris: “Not that I know of.”

Alice: “…Suitable.”

Boris: “It is suitable, because it’s somebody else’s problem. People are boring when they’re in love.”

I sigh.

Alice: “I did have my heart broken.”

Boris: “…I wonder at such a thing. But it’s good now since you look happy. A cat’s heart is wide.”

Alice: “Eh…”

Alice: (What is…)

Boris: “The mood seems like a light happiness. If you’re happy, that’s enough for me.”

Alice: “…Boris?”

Boris: “I would make a nice affair partner right, Alice?”

Alice: “Wh…”

Gowland: “NO YOU WOULDN’T.”

With the force of jealousy, Gowland grips my arm harder.

Gowland: “She’s mine.”

Boris: “At your old age…”

Alice: “Ow…”

Gowland: “!! Sorry, Alice.”

Alice: “That hurt, Gowland.”

Gowland: “B-but, I was just trying to prevent you from being seduced by that guy…”

Alice: “I would never do anything like that to you.”

Gowland: “Alice…”

Boris: “…If you’re happy then that’s all that matters… But, do you have to do this in a place where I’m present? You make me want to shoot myself.”


Boris can be my mistress any day.

Peirce next, maybe?

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Yes. Pierce needs to be done. My sweet adorable little mouse <3.
On a ontopic note: gowlandxalice always creeps me out a little...

I can see why GowlandxAlice is probably the least popular pairing. Oddly enough, he's only a few years older than Julius, but he just shows his age more. (Gowland is 32 - 25 while Julius is 28 - 31) Gowland cleans up GOOD when he shaves and puts in contacts though *_*

I'm working on Perice's event right now XD

Thanks for this event! I can't believe it came so soon! Though i feel a little disapointed though... but there was a bit of GowlandxAlice fluff at the end so it's all good. Maybe you should do his ballroom scene next time your in the mood for Gowland, i especially want to see the scene where he's carrying alice like a bride/princess.

If you can't tell Gowland's one of my favorite guys. (He's third on my list, because of he's so silly and cheerful but sometimes Blood passes him, mostly when blood shows real affection or just giving alice mouth to mouth.)

Thanks for all the events you translate!

Edited at 2011-12-23 12:51 am (UTC)

I was kind of disappointed at how short it was. I was hoping for more Boris gagging at the sight of them, but oh well. I'll translate Gowland's Ball Scene next time :)

Gowland's one of my favs too XD I think he and Nightmare are hilarious.

I have to say, I support this pairing. Mainly because Gowland looks like a man and not some femboy compared to many of the other wonderland characters and Alice does seem to have a daddy/older man complex. Or is that just me seeing things?

To be particularly blunt, I don't fancy Boris' chances against Gowland. Not only is he Boris' boss (in a way) he'd kick that cat's ass no questions asked...if he caught him that is. Plus, I daresay Gowland would have Boris watched from that point onward with the little 'Hey, come see me if you want some extramarital fun on the side' comment. Don't look at me like that, you know it's true!

Regardless, thank you very much for this, I look forward to your next effort! PIERCE!!! m(ÖωÖ)m want want want want!!!

Hehe, Boris... Making Gowland reaaaaally jealous.

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