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Joker no Kuni no Alice - Pierce 17th Event

I cheated, this is not Pierce's full event. A good chuck of it was just generic Joker talk, so I left it alone thinking it was just filler. Plus I figure if you're reading this, you're reading for Pierce anyway. Secondly, Alice drove me crazy in this event. I don't know if I'm just in a bad mood, but her inner monologue was killing me this time. I don't mean to be sexist, but she needed to stop thinking! It just felt longer and more difficult to translate than usual. I was pretty much yelling at her to move her ass and get on with it! </end rant>

Pierce's 17th event

*Circus changes into prison*

Alice: “!”

Just step backwards. The scenery changes from the bright circus into a dark and lonely prison. The stone pavement is hard… The heels of my shoe make sounds against the pavement.

White Joker: “…It’s nice, right? So enjoyable.”

The master of the circus is right in front of me. But the Joker, who is the director of the prison, appeared in the same place.

Black Joker: “I’m rather curious about your new partner, Joker.”

White Joker: *laughs* “It’s a large field out there. And…isn’t she old enough?”

From my back, to my neck, to the center of my chest… He traces the path to my heart with his whip.

Alice: “…”

White Joker: “You’re not a child. You choose this on your own.”

Alice: (Wh…!?)

My heart starts to race. It picks up this sense of a crisis.

White Joker: “Hey, Alice, you’re still wondering… I’m here and so are you. I exist here now. You need to enjoy it too, after all, wouldn’t that be such a loss?”

Alice: “…”

The whip is above my heart.

*whish* *whish* *whish*

Jokers: “!”

Alice: “…!? Eh… Wh…? What????”

White Joker: *smirk*

Pierce: “…Leave her alone.”

Black Joker: “…Will you stab us if we don’t?”

White Joker: “You come here uninvited and start stabbing people. The rat is as crazy as ever.”

Pierce: “Did I say I was going to stab you? I’m going to cut you into pieces. Or…I’ll just mutilate you.”

The knife is brandished, Joker avoids it easily and keeps his distance.

White Joker: “We’re the same…I mean, maybe there’s some excess evil.”

Black Joker: “…The xxxxxxx rat was able to break into the prison and roam around. I want to put that rat to sleep permanently.”

White Joker: “You would be perfect for the prison. You would scurry all across the floor…”

Black Joker: “…He would fit in, but he would escape. The rat.”

Pierce: “You’re right. You can’t confine a rat.”

Alice: “…Pierce!?”

Unlike the Jokers who speak freely, I started shaking. No wonder…

Pierce: “Alice.”

Pierce looked at me and smiled. Just like a sunflower.

Alice: (Why is he here…?)

Pierce: “I came to get you, Alice.”

Alice: (How…?)

No, it’s more of a why……. He can’t see my face, but I can see the colour of blood staining his cheek.

Alice: “What is it? What’s wrong with your arm?”

His body has some small wounds. Rather, his arms are covered in wounds. His dominant arm is bent in impossible directions.

*prison starts to shake*

White Joker: “It’s difficult to break.”

Alice: “!!”

The prison is cracking. Large shards of glass are falling like rain. The sound of metal and glass meeting is horrible.

It looks like a mirror has cracked. The shards are reflecting the broken parts off each other. I separate each one of the broken pieces. Just like this world, it’s disjointed. The cracks are trivial, they cannot endure the strong pressure. Then, a big piece comes loose and falls.

Alice: “Ny…!?”

The entire prison is collapsing. It’s crumbling all around me.

Alice: “Ya…”

Rattling and falling. The rocks become wobbly underneath my feet.”

Pierce: “Alice, come here!”

Alice: “…”

Black Joker: “…Isn’t it dangerous?”

I understand that it’s dangerous without an explanation. But, I doubt the Joker is trying to protect me. Still, I don’t intend to let Pierce protect me either. I can’t think of anything.

Pierce probably wasn’t thinking when he came here. I didn’t think of running up to him. I didn’t think of anything. There is no time to think right now.

I didn’t even think about my sister’s safety in the Joker’s prison. It isn’t rational. But in this empty state, he’s right there in front of me.

I wasn’t lost. I there is nothing, I can’t lose.

Alice: “…Pierce!”

I rush forward to his outstretched hand.

Pierce: “…Alice.”

Alice: “? …Pierce?”

Peirce: “…Ah, I was scared.”

He exhales as he speaks.

Alice: *crying* “Even though you scare easily…even though you were afraid you still came to get me.”

Pierce: “…No. I was scared that I lost you.”

*back at home*

I soak myself in the lingering memories of the circus. Fun memories and pleasant fatigue are all that remain. It’s relaxing to think of a time when I enjoyed myself, replaying an impressive scene in my mind.

But this time is different. I have seen more than the circus.

We arrived at the amusement park quickly and I started treating Pierce’s wounds. I was unable to do anything, I could only watch.

Alice: “…Is that it? Is it broken?”

Pierce: “Yeah, I have small bones so they break easily. The fracture isn’t complicated.”

Pierce proudly displays his knowledge.

Alice: *crying*

Pierce: “…It’s alright. I’ll heal soon.”

So you say, but you’re not healed at the moment. In this world time is very vague, it can only go faster or slower. The broken bones may heal, but it is uncertain when they’ll recover.

Alice: *crying* (The fracture isn’t complicated?)

Alice: “Does it not matter to you? You lost a lot of blood and even cut a nerve…”

Pierce: “You’re smart, Alice. Yes, I did cut a nerve. But I didn’t tear my arm off so it’s alright.”

Alice: “T-tear…”

Pierce: “I’m glad that you think I’m important enough to cry over. Shouldn’t we be happy that we both got out of there? Nerves are close together. But, once they’re all torn, the arm is torn apart and becomes useless.”

He talks about the depth of his wound like its nothing. In my world, it wouldn’t be taken so lightly. It’s times like this I realize I really am an “outsider”. Common sense deviates from each world.  

Alice: (But, he’s really hurt.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen him hurt. He jokes that he would just jump into danger.

The “moving” from each territory, the doors in the forest, the whales swimming through the forest. If you stray through the forest you reach the prison… It’s like the joke of breaking the space.

This strange world is a joke. But, I can’t joke at Pierce’s injury.

Alice: (He’s really hurt. So easily…)

In this world, I can’t easily enjoy the joke. It may be possible to separate a person from life and death.

Alice: “…”

Pierce: “I’ll try and heal quickly, but I won’t be able to work. It’s embarrassing and troublesome. I’m worried about what to do.”

Alice: “Is work…that important?”

Work is very important, but Pierce does dangerous work. It’s dangerous but he does it carelessly.

Alice: *cries* (I may not be able to meet him...ever again)

There is a possibility. It’s a dream world, but it’s been realistic so far. The jokes in this world vary, but they don’t change like in my world. It would be impossible for us to meet.

I have a separate location.

Alice: (…My sister.)

Even the reality, even the prison. My sister in the prison was not real, but she was still there. At the time, I didn’t think of it. I just rushed towards to Pierce. I chose this world…and the amusement park.

Pierce: “Of course it’s important! If I can’t work, I’m useless. Do you feel necessary if you can’t work properly? It’s bad if I can’t work. I might get discarded. This role has a lot of trouble with it…”

Alice: “Even so…”

Alice: (You are you.)

Pierce: “It’s an important role, Alice. I may be a mouse, but I understand my place properly…If there is no role, it has no value.”

Alice: *crying* “…You’re different.”

I am an “outsider”.  I don’t usually feel estrangement. But I think that being an outsider isn’t bad all the time. People are seen as worthless in this world. I can insist that they’re wrong.

Alice: “You are important Pierce, even without your role…”

Pierce: “There’s a relationship. I have a role, it’s my only value…You are the only one who's important without a role. You’re the only valuable one.”

Alice: “Even so, you are too.”

Pierce: “…Me, a mouse? I have no value.”

Pierce says his lack of self-worthy blankly. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal to him.

Alice: “Well…if you don’t mind thinking like that, it’s all right. If so, it’s not worth worrying about value. I won’t think about value.”

Pierce: “Yeah, that’s right. You don’t need to think about it.”

Pierce nods quickly, understanding what I say. I understood what I said, but it looks like I’m fairly meaningless.

Pierce: “My value doesn’t matter…there is value in you. I felt like I lost something special.”

I don’t have value either, but Pierce says I’m worth something to him.

Alice: “Even you…”

Pierce: “You’re special. Not like me.”

Peirce says it emphatically. It pains me slightly.

Pierce: “But, you don’t think you’re important. Even though you can’t be replaced. If I pass, someone will take my place. Why would you think you’re unimportant?”

His tone is strong, it feels like he’s blaming me.

Alice: *crying* “Shouldn’t I think about it?”

Pierce: “If it’s not good. If you don’t think about it hard. You’ll get lost thinking about it.”

It feels like I’m being blamed.

Peirce: “Even though I picked you up…you’re still falling. I’m still lost.”

Peirce wrapped his arm around my back. He awkwardly hugs me with one arm.

Pierce: “…Hey, why? Aren’t mice supposed to be worthless? You say that I’m not useless and you shouldn’t think about it…I can’t help but think about it.”

Alice: (Yeah)

He shouldn’t think too much. Pierce looks like he’s deep in thought.

Alice: “If I let you have a dangerous experience…I don’t want to think about it….I’ll do my best to prevent you from thinking about it.”

Alice: (Scary)

It can be special and scary at the same time.

I fear losing you because you have no replacement. I can’t lose you.


I’ll probably go back and add the Joker stuff later, but for now I’m moving on.

Originally, I was going to translate everyone’s 17th event, but then it dawned on me: Pierce is the only one that doesn’t have a summary. I’m not counting Gowland and Vivaldi because they don’t have this event and acidmyst posted that Peter’s summary was done but just in its editing stages. So I really don’t see any point in doing it. I decided instead to translate everyone’s Ball Scene B. It’s a common request and I have most of the bishies done anyway.

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Pierce never fails to look cute.
Blood and Boris are sexy, and Ace is just nggggn.
But Pierce is so adorable. Like a baby kitten <3

What gets me is that the way many of the Roleholders talk about seems they love her status, importance and freedom more than HER. At least, that's how it feels with Pierce here. Still, thats actually really interesting and atypical of otomes. Thats why I love them~

I actually remember playing through this. Jesus, Alice's constant mind-blabber did make it a chore to sit through. She's in a tense, dangerous situation and she's sitting there thinking repetitive, obvious thoughts. Every once in a while I think Quinrose should show more and tell less. The player can figure out that Alice is guilty about her sister by inference. We don't need them to tell us OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Still a great game. It's just the 17th events always made the problem seem really obvious to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to translate and share this with us. :)

You've managed to translate this pretty well. I'm not that far into Pierce's route yet, but I'm having a difficult time understanding translations because of the way he talks. It's usually something along the lines of, "WAWAWAWAWWAWAWAA~~" or he just repeats the same sentence a lot, lol.

Thanks for translating this~ It's awesome for the people who don't know Japanese or can't get the game :D

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