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Heart no Kuni no Alice - Gowland Ball Scene B
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Oh my glob you guys… I haven’t made a post since last year >_> Sad thing is, I didn’t even go to school last semester and I ended up being even busier with work, other otome games, tumblr and wasting away my youth in other various ways. I was actually doing some translations for Arabians Lost (specifically Curtis’ events) and got sidetracked with that and then I debated about posting my translations to tumblr, but just never got around to it and probably never will.

I'm literally ashamed at how long it took me to finish this and it's one of the shortest events thus far.

Gowland’s Ball Scene B

Alice: “…I want to quit soon.”

Gowland: “Are you tired?”

Alice: “It’s my shoes…They sort of hurt my feet…”

Gowland: “’s because of the heels. I guess you’re not used to high heels. You should have said something earlier about your sore feet. I should have found more comfortable shoes for you.”

Alice: “….My bad.”

I’m not suited for adult shoes.

Gowland: “In a place like this…I was trying for a joke. That dress looks nice on you.”

Alice: “…Very sly.”

Gowland: “Hm?”

I can’t be stubborn.

Alice: “Why don’t we take a break?”

Gowland: “Yeah, it is rather…”

Alice: “What?”

Gowland: “It’s long.”

Alice: “Hm? I’m sure we can find some chairs around here somewhere.”

Gowland: “Will you be able to relax in a ballroom with your shoes off?”

Alice: “Uhh…I guess we can walk around.”

Taking my shoes off would be impolite for such a formal event. This is a castle after all. I don’t want to ruin the image of the castle ball.

Gowland: “…Alright.”

Alice: “Hm? Ehh?!”

Gowland: “…We’re here.”

Alice: “…I…I want to die.”

I don’t want to attract attention. I don’t want to ruin the image of a special ball. Being here smashes the fairy tale image.

Gowland: “What? What’s wrong?”

Alice: “I WANT TO KILL…”

Perhaps the savagery of this world rubbed off on me. There was murderous intent broiling inside me.

Gowland: “Why are you angry?”

Alice: “Why do you think I’m angry?!”

I sense this is the dream of a young girl. BEING CARRIED LIKE A PRINCESS.

Alice: (Fairy Tale….! A fairy tale, I want to die! I AM GOING TO KILL…!)

 I was carried from the ballroom in this position just like out of a fairy tale.

Alice: “Guuhh…I want to cry tears of shame…”

Gowland: “You hate it that much?”

Alice: “When did you hear me say I hated it?! All I’ve heard all night is you!”

Naturally, I resist however, Gowland doesn’t seem to notice.

He was shy up until we got here… Not it’s goodwill harassment.

Gowland: “I wish I was feeling good…”

Alice: “What?! Are you accusing me of harassment?!”

Gowland: “Harassment…I never intended to harass you.”

Alice: “Harassment, harassment…! This is too embarrassing!”

Gowland: “…Isn’t this like a princess?”

Alice: “Wha?!”

Gowland: “Come on; your dress, our dance at a castle ball. Don’t you think it’s fitting?”

Alice: “…Gowland.”

Gowland: “…What?”

Alice: “You should stop being a romantic. IT DOESN’T SUIT YOU.”

Gowland: “…man is a creature that can’t forget romance. You…crush man’s dreams.

Alice: “Woman is a creature that can’t forget reality. …*sigh* though, you are the owner of the amusement park so you do have a fairy tale like atmosphere. I on the other hand, have no connection to being a princess.”

I’m hating this princess treatment. It doesn’t match my character. I feel out of place.

Gowland: “It’s alright. Don’t you think you deserve to be treated like a princess every once in awhile?”

Alice: “Hmm…”

Alice: “Then, as a thank you for carrying me, I’ll show you my gratitude with a kiss from the princess.”

I raise my arms around Gowland’s neck and press my mouth against his.

His eyes are opened wide, the look of surprise on his face is quite interesting.

Gowland: “….eh…?! It…it’s different?!”

Alice: “What?”

Gowland: “Isn’t this more like the kiss from a prince?”

Alice: *chuckles*

Gowland: “Wh-what?!”

Alice: “Or do you want to be the prince?”

Gowland: “Su-such intentions…”

Alice”…right. It doesn’t suit you.”

Gowland: “!!! Yo-you…”

Alice: *chuckles* “Because it’s unbecoming of you.”

Gowland wouldn’t make a good prince.

Alice: “And I make an unbecoming princess.”

Gowland “You…don’t say that…why don’t you think that?”

Alice: “…”

It’s amazing to watch Gowland, he never speaks ill of me.

{A/N: Alice acts coy and has a shit-eating grin on her face for the remainder of this event.}

Alice: “…I’ll be the prince for a bit”

Gowland: “...Eh? …Eh…EH?!?! Wa-Wait a minute, Alice?!”

Alice: “What?”

Gowland: “What are you doing?! I wasn’t planning on this?! Wh-why…”

Alice: “But Prince, you mean you were going to bring me to your room and do nothing?”

Gowland: “Eh? Um…well…but, isn’t the situation supposed to be reversed?!”

Alice: “Reversed?”

Gowland: “Something’s off…”

Alice: *chuckles*

Gowland: “…Hey…Rather than a princess, you’re more like the villain.”

Alice: “Yes?”

My smile grows wider.

Alice: “So the princess image doesn’t suit me after all.”

Gowland: “A romantic man will continue to think of the princess.”


I wish Alice were this forceful in other routes, Ace’s in particular. I like to think the role reversal would shake him up a little and he would be too stunned to react for a bit, but it’s hard to say with Ace.

Seriously, sorry it took this long for me to crank out another translation. I admit, I kind of lost interest in the Alice fandom back in the winter, but with all the books coming out and the announcement of Diamond no Kuni no Alice, I got my spark back :3 Consider this event a nod to Gowland who is forever being marginalized in Alice games.

Actually, I’m more irked at Vivaldi (who is my favourite) getting cut only to be replaced by another queen. IT. IS. UN. FORGIVABLE. _ I’ll give the Queen of Diamonds a chance though. I’m not like those Dr. Who fans who hate Matt Smith just because he isn’t David Tennant.

Coming Soon: Ball Scene from a Castle of Hearts resident. Because everybody else’s is done.

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Glad to see you're back! This scene is so cute! It's nice to see someone other than Alice flustered for once.

Yay, you're back xD Haven't seen anything Alice-related for so long (well, except manga being published in my country), I kinda lost interest too-
Wait, Diamond no Kuni no Alice? WHAT. I missed the party o.o"
Well, I've been out of LJ and got addicted to tumblr as well. If you're intrested: - a new follower is always welcome <3

Could you do some more Boris, Elliot and nightmare scenes?

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