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It's been awhile since I posted a translation, so I will post an obligatory "I'm alive and haven't abandoned my translations!" entry. Schools been hectic since October. Its midterms, then projects in November and now finals in December. I have an odd final schedule this semester, so I will have a translation up sometime next week.

I know I said I would do Blood's ending next, but I'm doing another event instead for Christmas! I have been a total Scrooge this year and I am not feeling the Christmas spirit at all.  Usually I'm all on it Black Friday, but this year just not feeling it. I blame all the snow we aren't getting. As I type this, rain is pounding on my windows -_- So I'm translating Blood's 11th event from Joker since that got me into the Christmas spirit last year! I can't think of anyone else that had Christmas-y events, but if you remember someone who did, let me know and I'll translate it before the 25 8D

In case anyone was wondering what other events I will post to my journal in the near future. Order is subject to change (not likely):
  1. Blood's 11th Event - Joker
  2. Blood's Ending - Heart
  3. Gowland's 19th Event - Heart
  4. Pierce's 17th Event - Joker
  5. Random Elliot event. I miss him! D8
As for Blood's summary, I have not touched that since September. I still plan on completing it, but I have no idea when I will finish it. I don't see it being done this year, but stranger things have happened.

Good luck to you all on your finals, or any end of the year projects your frantically trying to get done!
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Heart no Kuni no Alice - Blood Ball Scene B
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Alright, first off MAJOR TRANSLATION NOTE.  Both Blood and Alice say "振り回" which can mean to swing or showoff. I have no idea which verb they meant to use, but I THINK it was perhaps a pun since they're at a dance, or it was a double meaning. So throughout this translation, please keep that mind when reading :)

Blood's Ball Scene B

*after selecting to quit dancing*

Alice: “Sure. I don’t want to continue dancing all night long.”
Blood: “I see, this is why we get along. I’m also tired.”
Alice: “Physical Strength…”
We haven’t even danced a few songs. We’re not very…I doubt this is because of stamina, it’s simply being bored. It’s very Blood.
Blood: “…Yes, I’m afraid I’m without strength. Would you be willing to take a break, Alice?”
Alice: “…Hm. Are you alright? Do you want some tea?”
Blood: “I have already drank tea.”
Alice: “Then, do you want to get something to eat?”
Blood: “I’m not hungry. You?”
Alice: “I’m not hungry.”
Alice: (I wonder what he wants to do now)
It’s typical of me to be swayed by him. Even more so tonight.
Blood: “The dance is being held all night long.”
He brings his face closer as if he’s whispering a secret.
I don’t think it’s necessary because the music is so loud. I doubt anyone can hear us.
Blood: “Guest room are available if visitors need to take a rest.”
Alice: “…wow.”
Blood: “Don’t you think visitors would appreciate that?”
Alice: “Well, yeah…”
I think it’s extra care. But, it’s natural to think of overnight preparations if the party goes all night long.
For tired guests. The preparations are good intentions. The preparations won’t help with this man’s malice though. Still, the meaning depends on the user.
Blood: “…Your hand, young lady.”
Like when he invited me to dance, Blood extended his hand gracefully.
Blood: “Ah…You’ll have to lead me by the hand. I’m tired.”
Alice: “…”
Like when I took his hand to dance, I feigned reluctance.
…From you.

Aint no party like a Wonderland party...Collapse )

Clover no Kuni no Alice - Blood 8th Event
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This was actually done before I started Pierce's event. I started playing Clover again (in an attempt to get the stupid card CGs) and I had to write down the translations for this event sentence by sentence. It's a lot easier for me to understand the event as a whole when I do that, but I don't have to time to do that for every single event. This event however, confused me to the point where I just has to write down the translations and even now, I still scratch my head.

On a translation note, I don't really know how to properly translate the random noises that Alice makes. If you watch enough anime, I think you'll understand some of them, but I'm still trying to figure out a good English sound effect for them.

Blood's 8th Event

Alice: “The original is nice...”
Blood: “...”
I mumbled to myself, Blood’s hand stops. He’s changing clothes. I’m holding his jacket and hat. I help with hia clothes since I’m a housemaid. Even though I’m the help, there’s a limit to helping Blood with his clothes. He doesn’t like people helping him like he’s a noble.
It’s an easy task, but it’s considerably amazing to change his clothes. He doesn’t ask for help from the maids with more experience; it’s considered a trusted position.
Blood: “You certainly seem to want to undress me. Are you giving up? The reason you said that is because you don’t like my change of clothes...”
Alice: “...Ah, yeah, the clothes are nice. It looks good, but... When you look this way...the original is good as well....”
Blood: “...”
Blood’s impression changes greatly without his hat and jacket.
Alice: “Though when we were dancing at the looked cool.”
His usual dress is just usual and closes the gap on daily life. The cool look is better.
Blood: “...How do you see my usual dress?”
Alice: “Oh, it’s different. Your usual attire is...interesting.”
Alice: (It’s not a compliment.)
Betcha can't guess what they're going to do...Collapse )

Joker no Kuni no Alice - Joker 7th Event
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Joker 7th Event
Alice: “…Ah!”
*scene flashes from Joker’s forest to the prison*
Alice: (It changes.)
Not always, but occasionally it changes.
Alice: (Again…it changes)

I don’t know how many times I’ve been here, or how many times I’ll come here. Sometimes I stay here for a short time, sometimes longer.
The stone pavement, iron barred doors and windows, it’s a cold place. It’s not the temperature, but the atmosphere that’s cold. Cold, hard and distant.
It’s a prison, so I can’t relax.
I’m not used to such a place and this feeling where everything is so cold.
Alice: “…Joker?”
I don’t see Joker this time, though I always meet him here. I look around my surroundings. The circus is nowhere to be seen.
I don’t want to get to know this place. I don’t even want to meet Joker.
Alice: (Why do I come here so often?)
I don’t intend to end up in the prison when I come here. It’s different from going to a tourist attraction and going to a prison for a class trip.
It’s a cold place here. Even so, there’s no trace of anybody. This isn’t a good sign…
Alice: (…Joker runs the place, so does that mean he has to give a wide breach? However, there are little signs of life here. There’s no prisoners. No one has been caught, no one is in sight.)
I look into a nearby cell. The windows are barred and no one is inside.
No one. I was able to look because I judged no one was in there. I’m not mentally prepared yet to look a prisoner in the eye.
Alice: (I wonder if it’s completely empty.)
It’s a considerably big prison. Though I don’t know the whole layout, I understand the scope of the prison control in fragments. I try to avert my eyes from anything sinister looking, but there’s no signs of life anywhere. It’s simply a dark and gloomy jail.
Alice: (After all, is this place used at all anymore?)
I begin to walk slowly. I try to look inside each cell, one by one. Each one is the same size and the rows are arranged to look the same. Sometimes, the lattice blocks my view into some cells and it worries me to an extent.
Alice: “!!!”
Unexpectedly, it seemed that a shadow wriggled on the edge of the passage. I turn around in a hurry to check.
Alice: “…?”
I expected an eerie figure, but there is only the prison where the shadow fled.
Alice: (…Are my eyes playing tricks on me?)
It’s dark here. How would you mistake a shadow?
Alice: (Maybe it was an afterimage…)
Perhaps the mood instilled the fear in me. As a result, my imagination is being overactive.
Alice: (…I’m too conscious. To make matters worse, I am afraid… The horror is not part of the usual pattern.)
After I slowly exhale, I turn around. Even looking ahead, there is no shadow. It’s just a dark passage.
Alice: (…There is nothing. Not even Joker.)
I calm my heartbeat and continue walking slowly, peering into each cell. I want to go back to the forest. If I walk around, I’ll eventually reach it. I’ve gone far and I pray I get back quickly.
Alice: (The empty prison…it’s eerie.)
When he was here, it was a different kind of scary.
Alice: (But there’s not even a prison guard here.)
Even if management is necessary, the Joker is not here. There would be no reason to neglect a position. The after image of the prison guard couldn’t have been here…
Alice: (…Is there anything here?)
There are no prisoners in this prison. I advance timidly. Time here is different. I stray off in the forest and end up here. If I walk through the prison, I might be able to return. Though my patrol is going slow, nothing is happening. Nobody is here and the scenery isn’t changing.
Alice: “!”
But, on the other side of the iron-barred doors…
There's something there...Collapse )

Clover no Kuni no Alice - Gray 11th Event
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I mainly picked this event because I was so happy that they finally did something... On a random note, Ace's room is my favourite. It's one of the smaller ones, but it's just so tasteful that I love it! Vivaldi's is awesome too.

Gray 11th Event

Gray: “This is my room. There’s a bit of a mess…”
This is my first time in Gray’s room. It’s quite calm.
Alice: “…Where? It’s too beautiful to be a man’s room.”
Gray: “Are you comparing my room to another man’s other than your father? I won’t be impressed. Unless it’s another man of relation.”
Alice: “…for a lover, you sound more like a father.”
Gray: “Because it’s bad. They might have pursued you as a lover.”
Alice: “Your expression is more father-like; not at all lover-like.”
Gray: “…”
Alice: “Are we lovers?”
Gray: “…Yes, we’re lovers.”
Even if we say lovers, it’s a temporary thing. Imaginary lover.
Imaginary lover.
Alice: “Then talk more like a lover.”
I pretend to act more like a girlfriend. I guess Gray and I are dating.  Thanks to our relationship, we’re happily in love. However little we actually do together.
Gray: “…You compared my room with another man’s. I thought you didn’t have a brother?”

Gray does have a nice roomCollapse )

Joker no Kuni no Alice - Peirce 15th Event
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Peirce’s 15 Event

Note: “Pi” is a mouse sound Pierce occasionally makes. I guess it’s the Japanese version of a mouse squeak XD

Winter has given us a natural ice rink.
Alice: “...”
In other words, it’s a glacier.
Alice: “Co...cold.”
It’s cold. I’m quite weak in frigid weather. But, I’m better than this door mouse.
Peirce: “It’s cold, It’s cold,  It’s cold, It’s cold, It’s cold, It’s cold, It’s cold, It’s cold~~!!”
Alice: “....Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
Pierce: “It’s cold, Alice~~”
Alice: “...Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..... have you calmed down yet?”
   Twinkle, twinkle little batCollapse )   

Heart no Kuni no Alice - Peter 12th Event
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Alright people here it is, my last Heart translation! Well not definite last, but Peter means that everyone has at least one translation, yay! Sorry to Peter fans that he was the last one, but I admit, he is my least favourite character. I like him and I think he’s awesome, he’s just least favourite. Personally, I think it’s just his glasses I don’t like. I project my hate of my own glasses onto fictional characters that have to wear them too; so I picked an event where he doesn’t have them on 8D
This event was a doozy to translate. There were a lot of sentences that made me scratch my head and I had to guess; more so than usual. If anyone knows what “Chutte” (ちゅって) please let me know, so I can add that part of the conversation to the translation. Though honestly it might just be a sound effect.

Peter’s 12 Event

Alice: “...wait...hold on...stop it...”

Peter: “It’s only a kiss...”

Alice: “Only kissing...only...we’ve kissed enough....this is getting too much...”

Even though Peter says it’s only kissing, he seems to be interested in doing more. This’s so...

Alice: (It’s a bad joke...)

Peter: “Is it not enough? Am I not enough...”

Alice: “It’s more than enough!”

Peter: *chuckles* “You’re unselfish.”

Alice: “Unselfish? ...Because I never asked for this development!”

Peter: “Unfortunately, I am selfish... this is not enough.”

I’m not liking the sounds of’s going to take an ugly turn.

Peter: “I noticed.”

Alice: “Wh-what?”

Peter: “No matter how many times you kiss me, it wasn’t your first time...Just a thought, but...I can never be your first, I can only be more amazing. Then, can I erase him from your memory?”


Oh Peter, you crazy stalker you!Collapse )

It's a poll!
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This poll is closed.

Peter's translation is almost done! What do you want me to post after wards?

Pierce/Gray/Joker event translations
Blood summary for HnKnA

IF YOU PICKED EVENT TRANSLATION, whose event do you want translated


I'm at my grandmas and bored out of my mind, so I'd figure I would do a poll. I haven't done one before because I was worried no one would vote, but I'M BORED.

If you want both, just pick the one you want to see first!

I'm doing Blood's summary because I've played his route the most (many unsuccessful attempts to unlock all of his subevents...), but if it goes well I might do more for heart.

Heart no Kuni no Alice - Nightmare 8th Event/Ball Scene
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I said I wasn’t going to do another ball scene, but I guess you could consider this a ball scene. It’s technically Nightmare’s 8th event, but you still get a pretty dress and a chance to dance with him. Just no chance to quit dancing and do dirty things in the guestroom.

Nightmare’s 8th Event/Ball Scene


Nightmare: “May I have your hand?”

Alice: “...Eh?”

I am surprised by the sudden outstretched hand.

Nightmare: “At the ball, would I have been able to dance with you?”

Alice: “Wha...?! You were watching me?”

Nightmare: “? Oh, you seemed happy. It was good.”

Alice: “...”

People here, aren’t they guilty about stalking?

Nightmare: “It’s because I’m a nightmare.”

Alice: “THAT’S NOT AN EXCUSE. Besides, you had the mind to be peeping tom.”

Nightmare: *annoyed grunt* “...I’m going to puke.”

Alice: “It’s painfully obvious you’re running away.”


More Nightmare Goodness!Collapse )

Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan/Rant
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Still can't get Nightmare's entry up, so I figure I will rant for a bit over another Quinrose game :)

I was ecstatic when Quinrose announced Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan. It looked awesome and the characters were even awesomer looking. When I saw the guys of Crimson Empire, no one sparked my interest, but with Peter Pan it was different. I died of laughter when I went on the character pages and saw Tinkbell. I thought Tink replaced Tinkerbell, but he didn't. That only made him slightly less funnier in my mind. With a name like Tinkbell, it's hard for me to take him seriously, but he's still good looking anyway. He would definitely be either the first or second I would go after along with  Captain Hook >)

I started saving up to buy this game in September, only to find out it was going to be released exclusively on the PSP. I stared at the screen and started to weep a little on the inside. Earlier in the year, this game was to be slated for PC, but apparently Quinrose changed their minds and enraged me in the process. So I did what any English major fangirl would do, I wrote a letter of complaint...sort of.

It was the second time I wrote to Quinrose. Some time last year I wrote to ask if Alice would ever be released overseas. I saw that someone had already asked them, but I figured it wouldn't hurt; in fact it might help to show Quinrose they have a foreign fanbase.

So like my previous letter, I apologized that my letter was in crappy Japanese and English, I said I loved their games and I do whatever I can to support them from overseas. Then I proceed to ask if the game would ever be released on the PC. They said no, Peter Pan will not be released on the PC. And like Alice, it's undecided if it will be released in English. Undecided isn't a definite "no", but in my mind, it's a polite way to say no.

I didn't ask if it would be released in English, I asked if it would be released overseas, including EU. Reading and learning French or Italian is easier than Japanese, but whatever. IT'S UNDECIDED.

Now I need to find out if I can use AGTH with an emulator, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no ;_;

Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan will not be released on the PC and that makes me sad. It's also undecided if Peter Pan and Alice will see foreign shelves.

EDIT: Nightmare's event finally went up 8D All you have to do is bitch and listen to epic battle music and all your problems will be solved!!


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